BIGNONIA capreolata

Cross Vine is a native vigorous vine with orange/red/yellow trumpet flowers that bloom in Spring and sporadically throughout summer.

Product Description

BIGNONIA capreolata- Cross Vine

Cross Vine is a tendrilling and twining native that produces trumpet shaped clusters of flowers in spring and sporadically throughout the summer. Flowers are orange-red outside and yellow-orange inside with yellow rims, fragrant. Foliage is semi-evergreen and turns a reddish-purple in fall. Blooms on new wood. Popular with hummingbirds. Grows best in full sun. Native to Ohio.

SUN: Full Sun

SOIL: Tolerates a wide range

SIZE: Variable


FLOWER: Orange-red trumpet flowers with a yellow rim


ATTRIBUTES: Native, Pollinator, Deer Resistant, Tolerates Most Soils