About Klyn Nurseries Inc.

Bill Hendricks and Bill Mainland

Klyn Nurseries was founded in 1921 by Gerard Klyn in Mentor, Ohio. The primary crop was roses which remained a part of production and sales until 1972.

The Perry location was purchased in 1960 to help diversify the product line with special emphasis on production of Taxus.

After Gerard Klyn passed away in 1966, the Mentor properties were sold. The 256-acre Perry location is what remains of the original nursery.

At that time there was a staff of 14, approximately 50 acres of field production, less than 3 acres of container production and an offering of 83 varieties.

Today Klyn Nurseries is a wholesale nursery producing over 500 acres of crops in the field and 40 acres of containers. The inventory has increased to over 1600 varieties of plants of which 80-90% is propagated internally.

Klyn Nurseries service landscape contractors, re-wholesalers, retail garden centers and municipalities.  The primary markets for distribution of plant material are Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Western New York, West Virginia, and Kentucky.