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All of these files are for current customers only. A password is required to download them. Since we are a wholesales only nursery, these files are not available to the general public.

Please contact our office for more information.

Klyn Nurseries, Inc. observes safe dig times in order to provide you with healthy, happy trees. Many people are unaware that it is unsafe and unhealthy to dig and/or plant certain varieties during certain times of the year. These lists below will help you coordinate your digging and planting, as well as your order placement!

Conifer Fall Planting Risk Copy                                                               Digging_times_master 

2021 Catalog

Need to print a hardcopy of our catalog? Below is a link to download our catalog in PDF file format.

As a company we have decided to remove pricing from our catalog this year. If what your looking for is not on our availability please call the nursery for pricing!


New 2021

Every year Klyn Nurseries introduces new plants into our inventory. Below are the varieties we have new this year!

Bulb List

We start shipping bulbs in September!

Contact Tracy King for you bulb needs today!

800-860-8104 ext 229 or

Check out the links below for our catalog!

Bulb Flyer 2021

Availability List

Our on-line availability is available for you to search! Our availability is updated weekly.

Keep in mind that these availabilities include material still  in the ground.  Klyn Nurseries observes safe dig times to ensure the healthiest trees & shrubs.  For a general listing of safe dig times for trees & shrubs click here, or see the Alternate Dig Times tab on the availability. We do keep some stock inventory. For a listing of these trees & shrubs please see the 'Tree's Above Ground' tab on the availability or the 'Tree's Above Ground' download for a list of trees that are available from our stock inventory.

Please feel free to check with us via telephone or e-mail if you have a question about availability.

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A searchable list is here. (same password as download files)


The search page is not recommended on mobile devices.


Trees Above Ground.

The link below is a list of our trees that are available from our stock inventory. Please note that this stock is constantly changing. Please call the nursery for verification!

 Download our Dock Inventory document in a PDF or Excel format:

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Icon    Trees Above Ground (pdf)    

Liner Availability